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These Dreams - Drabbles was updated on 17th Mar 06

Status: Completed - Rating: Young Teens - Chapters: 3 - Word count: 4,567 - Genre: Fluff

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Fifteen years after These Dreams   For those of you who have just twigged to this site - Jeconais conceived of a "trilogy" of stories: All Night Long, Alone and These Dreams, except that he kinda ran out of gas by the time that he finished Alone.   I asked him what he was thinking of for the final installment of the trilogy, and he threw out a few ideas.   I suggested that we collaborate on the story.   You'll find all three parts of the trilogy in Jeconais' subdomain, but I'm listed as co-author on These Dreams.   These drabbles are a few stray threads that remained after finishing that story.   The collaboration was very pleasant - I suspect that we'll do it again.   You'll find These Dreams at this link: http://jeco

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