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pnthrgrl343 posted a comment on Friday 16th February 2007 4:00pm

I must say that I've thoroughly enjoyed the TLOS universe.

Excellent ending to an excellent story. =)

anonymous5 posted a comment on Friday 16th February 2007 12:57pm

Beautiful. Delightfully thought-out, remarkably original... I could go on and on with the adjectives but you get the point. Thank you for sharing the story of after; I sincerely appreciate the years of storytelling you've seen fit to share with those of us you'll never meet except through these reviews.

seeker77 posted a comment on Friday 16th February 2007 12:41pm

outstanding, Cant wait for you to work on Ever After. I thuroughly (?) enjoy your writing, keep it up.

Nyeshet posted a comment on Friday 16th February 2007 12:24pm

An interesting ending to the series. I'm not too sure about your H/Hr aspect to the ending however, as it seems to contrived - coming out of no where. Also, bound as they are, I find it difficult to believe that Harry and Ginny didn't die at the same moment. Thus the reason why, after saving this page, I edited out the two sentences and one paragraph in the story (and the two paragraphs in the author's notes) that deal with that situation. Excluding those bits, the chapter is quite excellent and informative.

In any case, congratulations on the completion of your wonderful story. It has been an interesting ride, with truly original aspects amongst HP fanfiction. Your skill as a writer has noticeably grown since the beginning, and I will strongly consider reading any future works you produce. (Yes, even Ever After, for while I mostly read H/G, I occasionally read a well written H/HR, and you've more than proven your skill as a writer.)

Kokopelli replied:

I think you are mushing together concepts from different stories - TLOS makes it quite clear that the dragon version of binding does not mean that the bound partners expire together - that's a concept from a different story - one of my Harry-Gabrielle stories, actually.

Aberforth's Avatar posted a comment on Friday 16th February 2007 12:12pm

I very much liked this piece. I am somewhat sad to see the end of the TLOS saga,but I really like the way that you wrapped it up. Especially nice was your using Maddie's POV. I enjoyed her as a Firstie, and like her even better as an adult. Wizarding Britain is poorer for having convinced her to leave.

I hope that you do get around to Ever After eventually. I like your take on Harry and Hermione as characters, and would love to see you explore that relationship.

As always, thanks for sharing this story with us.

Wolfric posted a comment on Friday 16th February 2007 12:02pm

Thank you for all the pleasure You have given me(and presumably many others) with your efforts. I look forward to any future stories you may write. W.

Kokopelli replied:

Thanks for your reply.   The level of interaction from my readership base is dwindling - and I don't know why, given that I have 2667 or so people who've requested e-mail updates on my stories, why do I get 15 reviews to the end of a supposedly popular saga?  

Amiable Dorsai posted a comment on Friday 16th February 2007 12:01pm

Hah, a delicious, quirky end to a delicious, quirky story. Though I am not at all religious, I've rather enjoyed the religious backround you've put into this story (I think of TLOS and these vignettes as being basically the same story), it gives a unique flavor, I think, and gives Harry an extra, and interesting, dimension. I especially enjoyed Harry barging in on the biblical Creation story.

I also was tickled (way, way back) by your introduction of Snik Paprikash, War Witch, cook, and NPR correspondent.

By the way, Madison and Abelard are a bit too strident about the plurals of Horcrux: We have no particular reason to think that Rowling intends the word to be latinate, she's certainly told us about Magical traditions that would not have used Latin--as have you, yourself. ;-)

Even for English words of latin derivation, they aren't necessarily correct: for example, "cruces" is not the only proper plural of "crux", "cruxes" is accepted as a plural by the American Heritage Dictionary and by that Brit classic, Chambers Dictionary.

Thanks for a terrific story!

Amiable Dorsai

Kokopelli replied:

Horcruces versus Horcruxes is a bit of an inside joke for me   -   it was the first issue I got in major trouble on at, which let me know that I really needed to leave there.   Things went downhill from there.   So whenever I can, I spell it Horcruces, just to hear the screams coming from Texas.

Ken Warner posted a comment on Friday 16th February 2007 11:27am

Since you seem to have a sort of Midas effect on any story you touch, either as writer or beta, thanks for not quitting on us, and if my ticket in the Georgia lottery next week is drawn - we might get that longer story earlier (as I am a H/HR sailor - non rabid variety)
Your TLOS seemed complete, then you come in with a new addition that adds wings to the house that seem inevitable and necessary. thanks again
warm regards

Kokopelli replied:

I'm not a shipper of any variety - I saw before HBP that JKR was moving towards H-G, but I wasn't a fanatic on the topic.   There are major hermenutic problems with H-Hr as a notion in canon - Harry not showing any attraction for the character, for a start.   Hermione, as a friend, is already totally devoted to Harry, so what's the point of throwing them together as a romantic interest?   Also, there is the theme of friendship - can a boy and a girl be friends without wanting to jump each other's bones?   I certainly hope so.

Thanks for the Midas comment - I get a big kick out of polishing rough writers and helping them become better - I don't know about my own stories, though - I can still write a dud.

KateHC posted a comment on Friday 16th February 2007 9:54am

Oh John, Thank you. It was lovely to have everything (well, almost everything) tied up. Hermione and Harry as an older married couple will still take me some time to get used to. But several of my contemporaries married friends quite late in their lives, so it could happen. My third husband happens to be thirteen years younger than I am, so I can't complain about any unusual couples.

jilumasam posted a comment on Friday 16th February 2007 9:11am

Nicely done! A fitting way to tie up the TLOS universe. Like you say, there are still many questions that could be answered, it is a matter of whether you'll ever need to answer them.

Thanks for the fantastic world of TLOS and hope to see some more of your writing one day. In the meantime, I suspect I'll see more credits as beta writer than anything else...

Cheers, Lizzy

fuddledone posted a comment on Friday 16th February 2007 8:30am

Thank you for such a nice story and hint of more good things to come.

The Resident posted a comment on Friday 16th February 2007 8:22am

Thank you for another wonderful look into the HP world you created. You took JKR's world and bent it around your own ideas and ended up presenting us, your readers, with some very excellent prose. Keep up the great work and, even with the ability of not having to work beyond your current grasp, I am entreating you to continue to write. You're damn good at it. I'll take whatever dribbles you post whenever you post them. May the future be good to you.

amulder posted a comment on Friday 16th February 2007 6:32am

The pleasure was all mine, John.
Blessings on you.

Thanks for sharing.

Claire_D posted a comment on Thursday 8th February 2007 7:58am

Oh that was great. A wonderful summary of the summer, a great way to merge canon and fanon.

CootiePatootie posted a comment on Thursday 8th February 2007 2:47am

I like the way this took the existing TLOS universe and integrated some of the elements from HBP. I especially liked the permanent sticking charm for the ferret. Perfect.

Ginny's comment that lifetime celibacy vows are "not catching" was pretty funny, too.

On a side note, I've been doing a lot of proofreading work in my "real" life, and I must say, it is SUCH a treat to read your stuff: words are spelled correctly and used in the proper context. Heaven! ;-)

Really, such a good update. I love this universe; I hate to see it come to an end, as I have enjoyed every bit of it to date. I look forward to seeing what you finish it up with.



The Resident posted a comment on Wednesday 7th February 2007 9:38pm

It's been a while, but it was worth the wait. A very cute way to cover all the summer activities to get us ready for another school year. Keep up the great work and I hope that the next update will be soon.

seeker77 posted a comment on Wednesday 7th February 2007 11:40am

As i said on your LJ thank you for finishing this. I look forward to reading your writing (the bunny was very good) and re-reading again.

mjc posted a comment on Wednesday 7th February 2007 11:04am

Darn...too short, but covered the important points, I guess.

clayton day posted a comment on Wednesday 7th February 2007 10:04am

This series is fantastic. I love the way you've integrated religion, magic, and of course the snow dragons. I must admit TLOS and this are two of the very few stories I feel comfortable recommending to anyone who is interested in reading HP fan fiction regardless of age or religious feelings.
Again thank you for sharing your talent with us.

Jim_xinu posted a comment on Wednesday 7th February 2007 5:32am

Wow. Jumping from New Year's Day to end of August in 2500 words is rather a lot. Especially considering the large events that happened in between.

I hope that this is set up for where you want to be when you continue, rather than rushing through to just be done.

Either way, I did enjoy reading it. Thanks for sharing it with us.