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Aberbadger posted a comment on Sunday 10th June 2007 1:41am for Welcome to my parlour

Okay, ever had one of those days that can be called "replete with blonde moments" - despite the fact that I am most definitely a hetro-VERY-dark-haired male?! Not only that, but I am very good at french - semi fluent - but when I read the line
'"Let me get this straight — round-heeled scarlet women get groped behind the greenhouses, but virtuous witches take their beaus to Hagrid's when he's not there," Harry observed.' I read beaus as "Bay-us", and I was thinking, what the hell is a beaus! Incidentally, not to disalusion all you american slang buffs, but the word is pronounced "bO" (said as in the alphabet song, not as in how a 5yr old would pronounce it), not "bOO"

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Tuesday 23rd May 2006 2:42pm for Welcome to my parlour

Good one.


Wooster posted a comment on Wednesday 28th December 2005 10:35am for Welcome to my parlour

oooOOOOOoooh! Fun with spiders! Interesting chapter, this. I really like how Harry made Ginny say 'your mine, all mine' to him again. Very him, and very sweet.