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TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Tuesday 23rd May 2006 2:09pm for Spin, crash, burn

Good chapter.


Gardengirl posted a comment on Sunday 7th May 2006 12:08am for Spin, crash, burn

John, when I was in Navy training, we used to sing as a jodie while running "Stall, Spin, Crash, Burn, Die". Just a what-for. I giggled to see part of that here!

Dragen posted a comment on Wednesday 12th April 2006 11:13pm for Spin, crash, burn

I hope that Neville and Luna get back together soon... great story.

Wooster posted a comment on Monday 26th December 2005 4:28pm for Spin, crash, burn

Aw...poor Luna. She would probably be my best friend of the bunch if I knew her. I find crazy people to be the most fun to hang out with. I hope Ginny's prediction is right...

That aside...YAY!!! THEY KISSED!!! *does a happy dance*

you realize that my mp3 was playing the power of love when they kissed? it's like having a little personal soundtrack