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TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Sunday 31st December 2006 7:02pm for Changing Stations

Good one.


brad posted a comment on Saturday 1st July 2006 10:17am for Changing Stations

Poor old Abelard, about to embark on a horcrux hunt. I think I've read on your LJ that he won't survive the experience? Interesting to have him do the search rather than the Trio, as I expect will be the case for (too) much of the seventh book of the series.

Weddings everywhere ... Tonks, now something for Jasmine looming in the wings maybe. At first I felt some umbrage on behalf of Jasmine for this matrimonial meddling, but I guess her family is stopping short of actually *forcing* an unwanted union upon her? I had a Pakistani acquaintance who married a girl whom he met via his family's arrangement (she was on a list) and he insisted that he was truly in love with her, it was just another means by which a couple could meet, so I guess such things are still practiced in the East.

fairylights posted a comment on Thursday 8th June 2006 3:02am for Changing Stations

Very nice! Thank you for pointing the way to this story, I am glad that you have you continued past TLOS. I think one of the things that I enjoy the most about your story (aside from the excellent quality of the writing)is how you have incorporated religion as a theme in it. It's mostly ignored in this fandom, but has made an interesting twist to an excellent story. Thank you!

Manatheron posted a comment on Saturday 20th May 2006 5:09pm for Changing Stations

hmmm... I think I shall have to re-read the story to be completely up on why these two are the main characters for this chapter.

Kokopelli replied:

These are OCs from TLOS - you'll be seeing more of them in upcoming chapters.

The Resident posted a comment on Friday 19th May 2006 12:53pm for Changing Stations

For this story and the previous one, Leetters of Summer, I applaud you. This is the first story line I have seen that has incorporated religion of any kind and you have done so in a kind and caring way. I have enjoyed the stories and am looking forward to more. I, myself, was raised Roman Catholic and was quite serious in my belief well into adulthood until the church started making chages in the services. Even then it took a while, but it seemed that they were seeking to compete with other variations of Christianity and not stay true to itself and its history. Anyway, a well done to you for an enjoyable and engrossing story. Keep up the excellent work.

cmatbmed posted a comment on Tuesday 16th May 2006 7:03am for Changing Stations

Thanks for the Chapter.
Jasmine and Abelard have always been two of my favorite characters. I think it is that distrust of Dumbledore thing.

thanks again for sharing


Wooster posted a comment on Monday 15th May 2006 11:14pm for Changing Stations

It was interesting to have a chappie that involved neither Harry or Ginny. As I'm rather fond of all your original characters, especially Jasmine, I rather enjoyed it! Good job! Esp. on the updating quickly!

Crys posted a comment on Monday 15th May 2006 10:50pm for Changing Stations

Pleasant interaction between two interesting characters. A little back-story filling.

Thanks for sharing.

juliet posted a comment on Monday 15th May 2006 10:11pm for Changing Stations

Firstly this is a fantastic universe, and it was wonderful to see another update in such a short time. I enjoyed reading the introduction of the horcrux hunt into this universe and the other thing that struck me was the conversation between Jasmine and Abelard about Voldemort - probably as it showed little emotion as they are not personally involved.
Look forward to reading more.

amulder posted a comment on Monday 15th May 2006 9:45pm for Changing Stations

Good Job, John.

I still like the mirroring, where first Abelard talks of his own history w/Romance, and then we unexpectedly turn to Jasmine's.


Patches posted a comment on Monday 15th May 2006 9:02pm for Changing Stations

This is an interesting chapter. I was under the impression that Jasmine was committed to helping Abelard. Now it seems that she is free to become betrothed to a man that she can accept or reject as she sees fit. Changes some things. I wonder how it will affect Harry and Ginny to have Jasmine leave Abelard if that were to happen. Thank you for an interesting chapter. pms

CootiePatootie posted a comment on Monday 15th May 2006 7:57pm for Changing Stations

I can hardly believe that I get two updates in such a short time frame. I understand you were in that peculiar hell known as "meetings" or was it a "conference"? ;-)

Seriously, I really like Jasmine, goon on her to get a beau. And don't get me started on Abelard, he's the grandfather I wish I had.

Thanks for another great update. I can't wait to see Lupin & Tonks tie the knot.



Janeth posted a comment on Monday 15th May 2006 5:42pm for Changing Stations

I really love this story and am very happy that you are updating more often now. Thanks

MarinePotterfan posted a comment on Monday 15th May 2006 5:29pm for Changing Stations

Nice chapter, to keep us in suspence from last chapters cliffy. Update soon.


saugart posted a comment on Monday 15th May 2006 5:08pm for Changing Stations

Thanks for another good chapter.

millercommamatt posted a comment on Monday 15th May 2006 2:23pm for Changing Stations

If she's really a War Witch, you won't have to act quickly, you'll just have to survive when she comes to collect you. ;)


Jim_xinu posted a comment on Monday 15th May 2006 2:13pm for Changing Stations

Nice bit of Jasmine & Abelard. Thanks!

Gardengirl posted a comment on Monday 15th May 2006 1:52pm for Changing Stations

Thanks, John! I needed a pick-me-up. Glad to hear what Jasmine's up to!