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Micky0077 posted a comment on Friday 26th May 2017 8:57am

So far, a very interesting developing of the story. Looking forward to seeing how this continues.

Frank Hacklander posted a comment on Thursday 25th May 2017 3:54pm

And the plot thickens. You've got me hooked.

Lee Dickie posted a comment on Thursday 25th May 2017 3:25pm

A well written development of the story with a particulary insightful take on what hapens in the days after Tom's fall.

aresofrecluce posted a comment on Thursday 25th May 2017 3:13pm

Hey Kokopelli,

Good to see you posting again. I've really enjoyed these two chapters so far.

Like you, I was also disappointed with the canon (and most fanfiction) Remus. I also tend not to go looking for "before Harry's at hogwarts stories".

This story brought me in immediately. I am excited to see where this competent Remus (and alive for now Longbottoms) goes.

Eagerly anticipating,


Amamama posted a comment on Thursday 25th May 2017 12:56pm

One fast read through, just because it's wonderful to see new work from you. Then a slower read through, to savour all the details. A great start, I am eager to find out what happens next - and how will this influence Harry's childhood? Neville might also be different, as it seems he'll get to grow up with his parents? We'll see - you might change your mind, of course, but right now I'm rather hopeful for both boys. Thank you!

Kokopelli replied:

This isn't a "redo" story that will take Harry all through 7 years of Hogwarts and then an epilogue 18 years later.  That being said, things will probably pan out better for Harry, and Neville in this story.

traveller42 posted a comment on Thursday 25th May 2017 9:00am

A nice story. I look forwards to the next part.

Kokopelli replied:


anonymous5 posted a comment on Thursday 18th May 2017 10:05am

I'd almost forgotten how much I enjoyed your storytelling. Thanks for a fresh take on what could've been!

Kokopelli replied:

I'd forgotten how much work it was to tell a consistent, coherent story.  Thanks for your kind words.

gmanfatman posted a comment on Sunday 14th May 2017 11:09pm

this is a nice chapter. looking forward to next chapter.

Frank Hacklander posted a comment on Saturday 13th May 2017 3:43pm

Ugh...and here I was looking forward to a continuation of your story about Susan and Harry only for you to throw a curve with this delightful start. I agree with your comments regarding Remus in canon. But this is great and one can already imagine the ripples from the splash you've made. I am looking forward to seeing more of this.

Kokopelli replied:

I was looking forward to the Harry/Susan story, but the wheels fell off that story's wagon, and I've not yet figured out how to fix it.  So until that repair is made, you have this story.

Lon Huey posted a comment on Saturday 13th May 2017 2:52pm

Well, all right. Glad to see you're still writing. As with every other item you've been involved with, I'm looking forward to how this unfolds. Thank you.

Kokopelli replied:


Lee Dickie posted a comment on Saturday 13th May 2017 11:40am

Cracking good set-up, well written and entertaining.

Kokopelli replied:

Thanks for your kind words.

jdekke posted a comment on Friday 12th May 2017 5:43pm

Welcome back and good start. Hope to see more soon.

By the way the water between England and Ireland is called The Irish Sea and not the Atlantic.

Kokopelli replied:

You are, of course, right, but in the USA the geographically challenged are lucky if they know that there is an Atlantic and a Pacific, much less being able to name the lesser seas.