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rhidragon posted a comment on Tuesday 26th May 2020 4:47pm

Thank you for writing this fab story. Had to finish in one sitting. Bookmarked so I can find it again.

William Martin posted a comment on Sunday 8th March 2020 2:01am

I red this story when it came out, but I had forgoten how good it was now that I'm reading it again.

Thank you for writing.

bluemax1965 posted a comment on Saturday 20th July 2019 5:38pm

This was a really good story. Well written and, to be honest, a little short. But that's how I always feel about really good short stories. I always felt that Remus wasn't given enough "face time" in the books and in the films. It's really nice to read a story with him as the "centre piece" as it were. The story manages to mix the workings of the magical world with basic common sense, coming from Lupin. I don't want to write too much for fear of spoiling it for others, so all I'll say is read it, you will enjoy it.

Patches posted a comment on Tuesday 16th July 2019 9:31pm

This is a great story. I love the difference that meeting the werewolves at the lodge has made to everyone including the weres. Very well done. It was wonderful How everything worked out. Harry and Neville had two parents that loved them and Alice and Remus and Sirius found new loves and they all had new extended family to back them up when needed. Thanks for a different story with a happy ending. I love all your stories. pms

Kokopelli replied:

Thanks for your kind words.   Yes, I enjoyed writing this story.

Patches posted a comment on Tuesday 16th July 2019 8:39pm

Wow! This is great. At first I thought that Peter had the upper hand. Now it seems that Daisy caught him and really worked him over when he tried to get away at Godricks Hollow. I'm so glad that Sirius got his trial and was found innocent. Now Peter has proven himself guilty. Very well done. Thanks for writing. pms

Patches posted a comment on Tuesday 16th July 2019 5:25am

Wow! Really busy night. Remus has his alibi. Narcissa got out of her cell and then opened Sirius cell. His recuers are circiling looking for Sirius. I look forward to how things work out. thanks for writing. pms

Patches posted a comment on Tuesday 16th July 2019 4:15am

Wow! Things are happening. I'm so glad that Remus found out how to have a painless transformation. That is a great help. Seeing Sirius was good. Seeing Narcissa was questional. I'm glad Sirius was doing as well as he was. I hope Remus can do something. The threat to Sirius is real and bad. I hope they do get him out in one piece. I feel bad for Alice. It is a good thing she quit the aurors. Neville needs her more. Remus suggestion of the Lodge is good but of course Alice is reluctant. Neville is not 2 yet. I look forward to more of this story. pms

Patches posted a comment on Tuesday 16th July 2019 3:30am

Remus has made contact with Harry and found him in terrible circumstances. I'm glad that Remus at least gave Harry some cheese to eat. The auror department has not been treating the Longbottom aurors well. Now Frank is dead. That is terrible. The fact that Bellatrix killed him is not unexpected. Julia did well and she also showed Remus that she also has feelings for Remus. Of course Remus is reluctant to have a relationship. So many things going on at once. I look forward to more of this story. pms

Patches posted a comment on Tuesday 16th July 2019 2:46am

Wow! It didn't take much time for Remus to take care of finding the important documents. The werewolves taking care of the lodge is interesing. It sounds like things are falling into place. The solicitor sounds like he will work well with Remus. i'm glad that Remus found some women to help Daisy. Better than for him to do that. It didn't take remus long to find Harry. I look foward to finding out what Remus and Frank find at #4 Privet Drive. Thanks for writing. I look forward to more of this story. pms

Patches posted a comment on Tuesday 16th July 2019 1:54am

Well Remus is very busy. Instead of not enough work he has an over abundance. I'm so glad that Alice and Frank are well. It is great that Harry has a chance to meet his Godmother this time. I hope Remus can find Harry quickly. I hope the Solicitor is Ted Tonks. I look forward to more. pms

Patches posted a comment on Tuesday 16th July 2019 12:26am

This is really good. I like the fact that Remus has a job and he is respected by the Longbottoms and Remus also has proof to himself at least that Peter is not dead and Sirius is not guilty. I'm also glad that Arcturus trusts Remus. look forward to more of this story. Thanks for writing. pms

kyoshi posted a comment on Saturday 20th April 2019 8:45pm

interesting story so far.

Last Harper posted a comment on Wednesday 13th March 2019 9:44pm

This is just an aside. The Crow at the end of this chapter, should have been a Raven, smarter than Crows or Magpies and MUCH SMARTER than Owls.

Jewel34 posted a comment on Saturday 16th February 2019 3:09pm

Fascinating expansion of cannon :)

Kokopelli replied:

Not exactly an expansion.   Years ago when I wrote more fanfic, I tried to be extremely close to canon.   Now, not so much.

Jimbocous posted a comment on Tuesday 12th February 2019 6:01am

Thanks for a great read!

Kokopelli replied:

You are most welcome

ILikeToRead posted a comment on Thursday 7th February 2019 11:43am

Quite a mystery that Remus has been involved in with both Sirus and Harry. Thanks for sharing!

ILikeToRead posted a comment on Thursday 7th February 2019 10:49am

Good first chapter and thanks for sharing!

Rowenasheir posted a comment on Wednesday 6th June 2018 1:41pm

I can imagine Remus using PP blood to make a leather mouse (The Voodoo comment!) with catnip and gving it to Mrs Norris or meowGonagal for Yule! In Akhaban or not! It would be too dangerous for young wolves to paly with!

Off takes with a confrontation between AD and Aunty daisy would be fun! there is no way he would touch the BWL or the spare NL.

I can also imagine the chaos when the two boys are outside on the full moon playing with the wolves in total safety as they are Remus' cubs!

Kokopelli replied:

Great ideas for stories - why don't you write them?


Dale Dietzman posted a comment on Friday 13th April 2018 2:46pm

A truely wonderful story, original in almost every detail, about how the whole issue(s) which JKR spun into seven books about endless child abuse (IMO) should have been handled. Well done, and a very nice ending to the whole thing.

LuxEterna posted a comment on Thursday 21st December 2017 8:10am

very nice story i loved it

though i think i read a story with arry raised by a werewolfpack that could transform at will because they were in snych with their animal side (and had a reasonable and nice fenrir greyback)

and i guess that all the children are very eager to learn how to be animagi that are slightly dissapointed if they arent wolves ;D