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Nytefyre posted a comment on Monday 18th February 2013 10:21am

Liked the progression displayed. For a thought experiment it was nicely done. Thanks for posting.

lwj2 posted a comment on Friday 23rd September 2011 4:22pm

I actually like Harry-Hermione, I happen to think it'd be a better fit as a couple than Harry-Ginny.

I feel that JKR rushed the last book, YMMV. I wasn't that happy with it after the first half.

That said, I enjoyed this, leaving the ending as it is works for me. OTOH, you're at a point that you could follow it up.

Thanks for posting -- Leon

GryffindorDragon posted a comment on Thursday 5th March 2009 4:08am

While canon does end up Harry-Ginny (something that does not surprise me which is why I spent a lot of time at PhoenixSong at one point), I tend to agree with those that Harry-Hermione makes a better match. If you like Hermione, you can't help but think Harry would be so much better for her.

Kokopelli replied:

I find Hermione more attractive than Ginny.

I got so tired of the shipping wars.

Soothingmadness posted a comment on Wednesday 30th January 2008 6:51am

you know i have never understood peoples dislike of H/Hr. i prefer Hermione over Ginny because Ginny is the cliched partner of every hero. i am probably biased towards Hermione because not only is she described as having similar characteristics of every girl i have ever dated, plus i usually find the female childhood friend a better match for the most heroes.

Kokopelli replied:

I'm not going to contribute to the shipping debate - it's quite clear in canon that Harry likes Hermione, but _not like that_ and indeed, he doesn't find her attractive most of the time.

That being said, I'd prefer Hermione over Ginny.


dennisud posted a comment on Friday 7th December 2007 3:23pm

A nice Brin fry story!

Hope to read more of these!


Kokopelli replied:

I'm going out of the fanfic business, so your hope will most likely be unfulfilled.

Heather_Sinclair posted a comment on Tuesday 20th March 2007 12:57pm

Thanks for the mind candy, and I mean that in a good way. It's sometimes good to leave the reader guessing ... sometimes, LOL.

In reference to the whole H/whomever debates: I've never really understood why there is such a fervor over who he ends up with, if anyone.

That's the whole reason for fanfic, in my opinion -- to sus out the "what-ifs."

Thanks again.

Heather Sinclair

Kokopelli replied:

It was enlightening to see what a fuss this little story kicked up.

I started out as strictly canon, but then wanted to explore the what-ifs - while not writing pornography, which is where so much fanfic seems to be headed.

brad posted a comment on Friday 22nd September 2006 2:39pm

Am I allowed to post multiple 'reviews'? I just felt like reading this one again, one of the two 'Hermione uses her intellect to reason out a relationship with Harry' stories that I know of. And I got a bit of new material in reading your responses to your other reviews ... surprised to read that this, indeed, was the 'pro-H/Hr' ending!! And bemused, again, at the strong shipping bias - paranoia? - at those fanfic sites. I knew about your Sugar Quill meltdown from your LJ but didn't know that you'd been refused outright at Even though it's not shown outright that Harry's decision is to attempt a relationship with Hermione I guess those sites didn't like this story's "proof" that such could reasonably/possibly happen?

As always, I love the "it's different when you care about the person you're kissing" line. And, as always, this has me even more keen to see you back on your mainstream stories - the end of Tales, the final battle and then - yay! - Ever After. Forget all those Veela variation plot bunnies!! :-) <---- smiley face, wouldn'd dare to presume to instruct an author

Kokopelli replied:

But the Veela are so much fun!

I like to leave stories open ended, because life is like that.

Mike C. posted a comment on Saturday 5th August 2006 4:00am

Look, I am not the type to write a review, but I have to get this off my chest. You are not right. How you could leave me in the lurch like that is wrong. Now I am going to imagine both Harry and Hermione together and not together at the same time. Just so you know I am not angry at the mind f%$&*g that you gave me. Please keep up the great writing.

Kokopelli replied:

Ah, you fell into my tiger trap.   This ending was written to come within the pairing policy of   I'd contemplated writing two different endings, but ended up with this one.   The reader is supposed to come up with the ending.

That being said - this is the H-Hr ending.     In the H- not Hr ending, Harry says something to the effect of "I can't risk ruining our friendship - I'm sorry."   To which Hermione replies "Well, don't expect me to wait forever."

Frank LeTanc posted a comment on Saturday 17th June 2006 11:45am

what would have to happen to make h/hr possible....... burn the half-baked plot.....kill ginny sue....return hermione's brain and harry's heart to ronniekins, you know instead of just snogging the first girl he sees actually talking to them and having a real relationship.....other than that i cant really think of much

Kokopelli replied:

It's hard to make sense of your review - you seem to be protesting the character development (or lack thereof) in HBP.   This review thread is the wrong forum for those remarks.

This story was written before HBP - so I'm not sure what you are saying as it applies to this story.  

My understanding of the canon text shows some level of interest between Ron and Hermione - but if they were real persons (rather than fictional characters) I suspect that there would be a betting pool as to how fast the relationship would bloom, explode and then disintegrate - I just don't think that relationship has long term legs.   Likewise, my understanding of the canon text is that Harry likes Hermione as a friend, and at least by book 6, likes Ginny as a girlfriend.  

This story was a writing exercise - a thought experiment to see just how many pieces would have to be moved around on the board to make H-Hr possible.   It got me into a world of trouble on and was outright refused at, notwithstanding the ambiguous ending.

James13 posted a comment on Sunday 7th May 2006 7:56pm

Now that was an interesting hex. Bat bogey or to have your own breasts...hmmm....

That being said, excellent piece of work. You're right, a H-Hr pairing would be difficult in the canon, simply because Hr is indeed dedicated to Harry. This piece however, might be the bridge to such an occurance.

Well done and cheers :)

Robit the Hobbit posted a comment on Sunday 7th May 2006 5:57am

Good story I enjoyed it.

On the subject of ships: Ron need a Molly which is somthing Hermione is not, maybe one of the Huff's.

As you say Hermione is already dedicated to Harry and she is probably the only one who fully understands him. A pretty good basis for a relationship.

IMHO Harry has far too much going on to seriously consider any girls until after Voldemort.

By the end of book seven I do not antisipate any solid ships from JKR and a lot will depend upon who is still alive.


jake m posted a comment on Wednesday 22nd March 2006 8:42pm

what the hell.
this could be so much longer i love hermoine harry ones they are awsome!!!!

jilumasam posted a comment on Monday 20th March 2006 1:21pm

"That being said, I took up this story to explore just what would have to be re-arranged for H-Hr to become possible."

Not an awful lot of re-arranging needed.


Kokopelli replied:

That's just because I made it look easy.  

Actually, although they're good friends, in Canon, I don't think it would work - until they both grew up a little and each kissed a few frogs first.

UdderPD posted a comment on Sunday 19th March 2006 10:11pm

Good tale but it's a pity about the ending.

However I would expand your thought and say that I seriously doubt JKR will consolidate any ships in book seven. Unless of course it contains an epilogue, also a lot will depend wpon who survives until the end, I can see a lot of us fanfiction writers reverting to book five canon, it would provide more scope.


brad posted a comment on Sunday 5th February 2006 11:08pm

Sniffing around your area I came across this one and gave it another read. I've always liked the line "it's different when you care about the person you're kissing, isn't it?". That moment is the highlight of the story. And, I think, sufficient refutation in itself for your Author's Note stating that there is 'no more to be gained' in pairing them romantically? As I hope to see proven one day in Ever After! :-)

Alex13 posted a comment on Tuesday 31st January 2006 5:30pm

Well... THAT was interesting....

Not really sure what else I can sy though..
I like your stuff though,so you'll most likely be hearing from me again.

phsname posted a comment on Saturday 28th January 2006 4:05pm

well...i liked it.

as much as i think i'm an H/G shipper when it comes to the bottom line, i always like a story that sets things up in such a way that a different pairing makes sense.

this one reminds me a LOT of Jeconais' H/Hr fic, "Like a Sister", though i'm not sure why.

i agree, though, with you as far as romantic pairings in the actual books goes. i think people who read HP fanfiction tend to forget that JKR's Harry Potter books are fantasy adventure novels, and not romance stories.

i mean...of course that's not a bad thing, as i see fanfiction as what we readers turn to when we want more of something that the original work doesnt have enough of, or doesnt/wont have at all...and thus, in nearly every single fanfic out there, we see either the romance, the year that has yet to be written by JKR, the time after hogwarts, the little plot-holes that people try to fill, and etc etc.

so yeah...i kinda rambled there for a sec...but what i think i was trying to originally get at was that i dont think that Harry will be paired with anyone romantically by the seventh book either...which is sad considering how much i wrote just now...

anyway, i liked this one...and i hope you eventually do archive your other H/Hr fic ive heard mentioned of...the one where you kill off Ron and Ginny i think? it sounds very interesting.

anyway...have a good one. :D

Chris1 posted a comment on Thursday 19th January 2006 3:04am

Very interesting story. I like the end.

Ginny shows a lot of maturity, and the Weasley family spirit is quite obvious.

All in all, well written!


Jennifer2 posted a comment on Friday 6th January 2006 8:24am

I sincerely hope you elaborate more with this one. I, personally, am a H/Hr shipper

Manatheron posted a comment on Monday 14th November 2005 3:30pm

An interesting and rather ambiguous ending. this is an interesting piece, because most writers would either finish it, or would go though a Just-Friends-speech-until-hermoine-changes-his-mind

as for your little experiment I believe that it covers all salient points quite Adequately, and actually makes a very good case for a H/hr relationship.

please keep up the excellent work!