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Ken Warner posted a comment on Friday 20th October 2006 12:22pm

what a wonderful touching story - each chapter has been a genuine treat.
Thanks so much for sharing
and the chocolate sauce came in just enough for those of us waiting for it - given the rating.

warmest regards

amulder posted a comment on Friday 20th October 2006 12:11pm

Nice job, John, I noticed the few touches. Mostly it was well polished, eh?

What now, SFSY? Any other plans?


Kokopelli replied:

Polished or not - it's done.

Now?   Back to SFSY - and no, I don't have any tattoos, scars, yes, but no tattoos.   The latest scar comes from a mean wing nut that tore my index finger, putting an interesting mark on my fingerprint.

Musings of Apathy posted a comment on Friday 20th October 2006 12:00pm

Excellent, John. I especially enjoyed the small parts at the end where the family came together. I like Harry as the loving father in stories.

Either I am a bit dense, or you didn't explain about:

"Good on you, Harry, it’s all going to happen for you, too, some of it quicker than you’d expect. Oh, by the way," she said, bending over to whisper something in his ear.

Harry’s eyes opened wide. The whispering went on for quite a while. "Really? At the same time?" he asked.

Ginny nodded.

"Thanks, I guess, I wouldn’t have thought of that," he said.

"That’s why Lily asked me to tell you," Ginny said.

What did she whisper into Harry's ear, or am I forgetting something in a previous chapter?

Thank you for writing.

Mike (MoA)

Kokopelli replied:

It was some very pointed advice on how to please a Veela, and no, I won't tell you what she said.

CootiePatootie posted a comment on Friday 20th October 2006 9:29am

I would write a review but right now I am a drippy mess of sappy fluffy goodness.


off to dream in chocolate, now...



cyberpurple posted a comment on Friday 20th October 2006 9:25am

Thank you for this. Really enjoyed it just as much if not more as I have enjoyed the rest of your work. I get the feeling the answer is no but I can't resist asking - is there any chance of another visit to this universe? In the style of Oliver Twist - Please sir, I want some more! A couple of years down the line sequel, maybe? Just an idea.

Crys posted a comment on Friday 20th October 2006 8:37am

> If you go to Ghirardelli’s web page, you won’t find chocolate sauce for sale — which lets you know how special that bottle is — but that’s Hermione’s story to tell, not mine.
*laugh* You DID remember our conversation!

Seriously, fun story, K. A "find the kidnapped kids" wrapped around a love story. With lots of sociological info on the Veela thrown in for good measure. 'Twas a fun little series.

DJ posted a comment on Friday 20th October 2006 8:31am

This was a wondorful story I thnk you do awsome work. I look foward to more of your work.

Sean Dillon posted a comment on Friday 20th October 2006 8:02am

Great story.

Jim_xinu posted a comment on Friday 20th October 2006 7:46am

Great story.

I expected them to adopt the Artzai girls ever since you revealed the bit about their mother dying, so it wasn't a surprise. But you did give them some real personality and depth, and it was foreshadowed, so it didn't have the awkward, instant family sort of feel I've seen in some fics.

The author's note I was hoping to see wasn't there: What did Ginny whisper to Harry? :-)

Do you plan to do any sequels some day? Or has this already grown enough beyond your original plans? :-)

Many thanks for sharing this with us.

MarinePotterfan posted a comment on Friday 20th October 2006 7:36am

What a great story I really enjoy it. I hope that you can add to it at a later time. With the great characters that you have developed, you can come up with another stroyline. With Jacque Fuso getting away, he could try to get revenge on Harry and Gabby. Thaks for writing so I can read it.


The Resident posted a comment on Friday 20th October 2006 6:30am

Thank you for both a wonderfully sweet chapter and an incredible story. I enjoy your work both for the excellence of the story and the excellent work of your beta/editor. Too many stories I read these days are posted before they've ever seen an editor. Not a way to garner my praise. I'm looking forward to your next story.

Kokopelli replied:

I'm going back to Stories from Sixth Year.

Thanks - and on behalf of Runsamok, thanks again.

BJH posted a comment on Friday 20th October 2006 6:19am

What can I say? Another amazing story.

I am jealous that such talent is wasted on a lawyer rather than an engineer like me. Is that an actionable statement? I guess I'll find out.


Kokopelli replied:

C'mon, BJH, I have to have something to do that's a contribution to society.   So, how's your writing going?

Still looking for the next chapter of Adaptions (your Harry-Cho fic)


Darkness posted a comment on Wednesday 18th October 2006 5:19am

Its nice to see that Harry is not God, even after having defeated Voldie and can make lapses of judgement such as letting his guard down and getting injured.

I thought Matzalen had done something similar to Unai, but nothing that brutal. The bastard deserves and then some.

Awesome chapter! Cant wait for the next one!

Terry Swain posted a comment on Monday 9th October 2006 2:39pm

Great chapter. :)

Amamama posted a comment on Sunday 8th October 2006 7:12am

Ahhh... What a treat. I've mow enjoyed this wonderful piece of writing over several days, digesting it in, maybe 300 word portions? Don't know, as I have no idea how many words you ended up with, but I don't really mind. Starting the whole journey out of the Chateau d'If with Matzalen's pov was great. I doubt any girl in her position would like to live, and the way she finally killed Unai was just perfect. Boiling his brains served him right. I just hope she won't end up in a huge mental struggle because of it, he's really not worth it. I wonder what the complications might be with the Basque, was Unai a Basque, perhaps?

Gabrielle's worries about not measuring up to Ginny's standard is just too sweet. The pain of having an older and more experienced boyfriend, just that Harry isn't any more experienced than her in the physical aspects of love. He's so sweet, and I wonder if you're able to make his view of pre-marital sex rub off on the teens of today - if there are any who reads this. Have you ever done a survey to find out the age of your readers?

I like the way Gabrielle's and Harry's magic seems to blend, how they're rubbing off of each other. Quite practical too, when it made Gabrielle able to save Harry's life. You almost gave me a heart attack right there. Harry trying to track her to find her on the beach is just so sweet - as is his admittance that he would enjoy the view from below when climbing the cliff. Their banter is incredibly sweet "Your pervert, never forget that" - it's a wonderful touch.

I seriously doubt I've mentioned everything worth mentioning, but one thing's for sure - I seriously look forward to the next chapter. The look on the District Superintendent's face when they arrive as one must be worth the wait alone. Because they do make it, don't they???

Thanks for sharing, I loved it!


MarinePotterfan posted a comment on Saturday 7th October 2006 1:08pm

Great chapter, Update soon. You could have the adventures of Harry and Gabby, they make a great team.


takon65 posted a comment on Saturday 7th October 2006 9:41am

I've been hiding in the shadows for too long and should have left a note long ago.

You have the ability to paint pictures in my mind showing places that I probably never will see. To me this is a sign of a very good author.

Reading most of your chapters I feel like David Copperfield; "Please Sir, May I have some more?"

I can't wait to see more of your works in this story and others,


Jenni posted a comment on Saturday 7th October 2006 9:21am

I've been lurking for far too long without leaving a review. How do you say I love what you do and please keep doing it without sounding like everyone else or a daranged fangirl? I enjoy the journey you take your faithful readers on. Well written, creative paths and with a stong moral backbone... it makes for a fabulous read.

I love what you do and please keep doing it.


Sean Dillon posted a comment on Saturday 7th October 2006 1:43am

Why not do a couple more point-to-point apparitions under the ward and finish dropping the anchors? That seems a bit incomplete and I don't like the idea of just leaving the explosives lying around on the ground.

Kokopelli replied:

Harry's wounded and still whistling as he breathes on a collapsed lung.   The island is crawling with bent Aurors and Unai's goons.   Sounds like a good time to get out of Dodge City to me, but then, I'm just a liberal arts graduate of a Land Grant University.

The Resident posted a comment on Friday 6th October 2006 5:49pm

Thank you for another excellent chapter. You maintained the suspense perfectly. Keep up the excellent work. I eagerly await the next chapter.