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Jabe Washburn1 posted a comment on Friday 9th March 2007 8:47am for Hide and Seek

Another great chapter...

Viridian posted a comment on Monday 23rd October 2006 6:08am for Hide and Seek

Loved the Umbridge reference... "You’re going to want to break something by the time he finishes the story."

The 'old school friends telling in-jokes' was nicely done.

Kokopelli replied:

She did want to break something - unfortunately, by the time Harry explained it to her, Umbridge was already dead.

As to the old school stuff - Gabrielle really hates that.

Paladin posted a comment on Wednesday 13th September 2006 3:19am for Hide and Seek

  Wow, have I been missing a great story!

There are just so many fics out there, not to mention that thing called work, that it has been difficult to stay up with your efforts.

I am thoroughly enjoying this story. I of course, had to go back and start from the beginning of the Lost & Found Trilogy and can say that each chapter hence has great individual qualities. I immediately realized it had ties to Maskirovat (which I enjoyed) and jumped right in.

I had to laugh at first because I lived in Alaska for several years and can relate to the 'quietude' that can be found there; Hermit Harry I pictured.

From the traits that you gave each character, to the dialog in different scenes, you have kept the storylines fresh with 'the wizarding world' aspects as well as regular true-to-life problems, like misunderstandings in relationships. The scene where Gabby was trying to explain to Harry why she had to go back to France is a perfect example; personal feelings getting in the way of an explanation. Then Harry jumps to conclusions like a typical guy. I know a lot of people (yeah, me too) who have a tough time trying to get issues from their past out of their systems when they start seeing someone new. Then you came up with a truly romantic reconciliation. Great Job!

My brain has been turned in so many directions through all of the chapters but I realize you still have something about Harry that you are holding back. You kind of alluded to it in this recent chapter and I am looking forward to where it all plays out. This challenge that they are walking together is cool... and 'noble' of all things.

I'm still waiting to find out what is in Gabrielle's past that hasn't been revealed yet as well. But, I'm patient and enjoying how you're playing it out.

Awesome effort!

Kokopelli replied:

Well, I'm glad you caught up witt this one.   You can allways sign up for the e-mail allerts so as to not miss the updates.

This story actually has no ties to Maskirova - I fiddled with canon chronology for that story - pushing Gabrielle's age forward about three years.   In this story, I again start up where HBP leaves off, but I use the canon chronology and make Gabrielle 11 to Harry's 17 - then fast forward 9 years.

I'm deliberatly trying a different writing style with these stories, which is much more spare.

I enjoyed setting up the missunderstanding at dinner.

There are little bits hidden in the story that no reader has asked me about yet.

Thanks for your kind words.


Sterling posted a comment on Monday 11th September 2006 9:38pm for Hide and Seek

Great as always, thanks for the update.

snuffles007 posted a comment on Monday 11th September 2006 12:50pm for Hide and Seek

A nice little chapter with some witty banter. Keep the updates coming!

BJH posted a comment on Saturday 9th September 2006 12:18pm for Hide and Seek

So, how will Gabrielle react when she finds out that the Reverand Father married them and not just blessed them?

I'm assuming that Harry doesn't tell her until after the kids are saved and maybe not until someone starts talking about wedding plans. "Wedding? Why bother, we've been married since we talked to the Abbot!" I'm sure Molly will take that well.


Kokopelli replied:

I did give that some thought, but no, he wasn't marrying them - not exactly.


gaul2000 posted a comment on Saturday 9th September 2006 10:51am for Hide and Seek

great chapter, take care

atlantis-rob posted a comment on Saturday 9th September 2006 4:01am for Hide and Seek

Awesome chapter K. Great job with the visit to the monks, that was really well done and great to see hermione and nev together! excellent dialogue as usual! Cheerio!

HermioneGreen posted a comment on Saturday 9th September 2006 2:49am for Hide and Seek

Awesome!!! now that Gabrielle can discern a signature that has been scrambled, hopefully it won't be much longer . . . what did that monk really do? was it some sort of handfasting? keep up the good work . . .

Thanks for sharing


MarinePotterfan posted a comment on Saturday 9th September 2006 1:41am for Hide and Seek

I really like this story, and I await your next update.


Prince Charon posted a comment on Friday 8th September 2006 8:02pm for Hide and Seek


[I]"My apologies in advance, Neville," Harry said. "Tomorrow would be fine. I think it’s time that I get sleeping beauty back to her flat in Marseilles. Ready to go, love?"

Gabrielle didn’t answer. She’d leaned forward, resting her head on her crossed arms, and fallen asleep.[/I]

Very cute.

More soon, please.

DJ posted a comment on Friday 8th September 2006 2:30pm for Hide and Seek

Nice work. :)

CootiePatootie posted a comment on Friday 8th September 2006 1:55pm for Hide and Seek

Good, and oh so sweet. I love the prayer - it is very much like a prayer of blessing our reverend would do when I was an unlapsed Methodist; whenever one of the students was going away, he would bless us and pray. And the backward sign of the cross cracked me is just something I can so easily imagine. Your description of the Meze was not nearly detailed enough...I'm hungry and I can't go make any if I don't know what sorts of things go in it!
Now I understand about the tracking and Harry's signature. I must've had a blonde (no offense to anyone) moment there.
An excellent update as always, I hate to come to the end of your chapters, because they are so good I don't want them to end.


seeker77 posted a comment on Friday 8th September 2006 11:53am for Hide and Seek

I have been a huge fan since I found TLOS and onto SFSY (which is long over due for an update) This as much as I was shocked by Ginny's death it was still nice of her to "drop" in. Also the religous undertones are a nice touch in an otherwise outstanding story. Thank you for shareing your "lonely hobbie". I look forward to your updats and I check your LJ frequently.

Musings of Apathy posted a comment on Friday 8th September 2006 10:53am for Hide and Seek

Great chapter. I love how this is going. I like the way you are slowly elaborating on all of the details, rather than giving us a college education in one go.

Thanks for writing.

Mike (MoA)

Donald McLeod posted a comment on Friday 8th September 2006 9:05am for Hide and Seek

Good, it keeps the interst and moves to solve the problem. thank you look for more.

Crys posted a comment on Friday 8th September 2006 8:02am for Hide and Seek

You know, depending on how sneaky you want to play it, Abbot Anthony COULD have performed a marriage ceremony in the midst of all of that. Cord over clasped hands and all. And her "Amen" could well have been construed as acceptance. Of course, HE is the one holding up the parade.

Snarky girl. That "Saturday" line of hers :)

Fun story.

Amamama posted a comment on Friday 8th September 2006 7:25am for Hide and Seek

Hmm, now this sounds interesting and rather intriguing - what's the story of their past, with Malfoy Manor and all? I look forward to seeing H&G using their combined abilities, together with some F&G stuff, to take down the whole cartell(?) of non-law-abiding idiots and nincompoops. And bring home some lost lambs at the same time.

Thanks for sharing - you truly are a wonderful author!


KateHC posted a comment on Friday 8th September 2006 7:02am for Hide and Seek

Ah, Kokopelli.

Another chapter packed full of hints to solve the mystery.

I like Abbot Anthony a great deal. You do clergy well.
This is a lovely blessing-"Heavenly Father, bind their lives together, watch over them, and grant them your grace, your peace, and your love. Amen."

They may need some protection, as well.

Patches posted a comment on Friday 8th September 2006 6:52am for Hide and Seek

Short but really informative. I really like the way you covered so many topics so well in a very short amount of time. Dinner, tracking in Harry's field, meeting Father Anthony, visiting Hermione & Neville! Wow! But very good. I look forward to the next chapter. Thanks for writing. pms