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Jamie posted a comment on Sunday 6th August 2006 10:44pm

always enjoy a good gabrielle story, great stuff

The Resident posted a comment on Sunday 6th August 2006 6:47pm

'No chocolate sauce was harmed in the writing of this story.' What? You didn't try it out with your significant other? I thought you were supposed to research your work. -grin- Actually, I liked this chapter very much and I actually prefer reading stories that pair Harry with someone other than Ginny or Hermione (there are enough of those stories out there already - both good and bad. I always enjoy the easy flow of your stories and the excellent work of your beta. Keep up the great work.

a_wanderer posted a comment on Sunday 6th August 2006 2:39pm

Better living through chemistry. I'm glad you found an anti-depressant which works for you.


Antosha posted a comment on Saturday 5th August 2006 8:43pm

Now, how did you know I was fond of Ghirardelli chocolate? ;-)


It's nice to see you write a something more straight-line and novella-like. The story is no less compelling for being efficient--just different than your more... ambitious efforts.

I loved the connection between Denali and Cyprus--talk about a stretch! And yet it made perfect sense. I loved Harry's relationship with Hermione here.

And Gabrielle--as I said, I admire her all the more for NOT going off to find Harry again immediately.

Nicely done!

Nightbreak posted a comment on Saturday 5th August 2006 6:26pm

Oh, thank *God*, more Harry/Gabrielle. And wonderful H/G/L interaction on the other side. I've often wondered how to do that second bit properly, but I won't have to wonder any longer.

brad posted a comment on Saturday 5th August 2006 2:37pm

(I haven't printed/read the third part yet)

Sometimes I almost forget to peruse the 'final' version of your chapters posted here, in case I miss anything you add after your LJ previews. Like the chat between Harry and Ron, which was good; more padding to the idea of Harry's taking medicine to control his depression, which made that thread a smooth consistent sub-plot throughout the story; the reference to Ron's 6th & 7th year romances ("he was an idiot that year" - good summation. Him and Hermione both); and references to the growing H/Gabrielle relationship that extended it over time, made it more real.

I thought the last scene with Gabrielle and Hermione was a bit incongruous, with Hermione being out of character - (1) I don't think she'd make jokes about chocolate!naked!Gabrielle - she's always seemed prim and proper in canon; (2) for someone so close to Harry (none closer!), and showing her concern for him in her second-last sentence, her last bit of dialogue, a casual "good luck, you'll need it", while *stifling a yawn*???? Seemed like she lost interest in her best friend's welfare all of a sudden.

Looking forward to reading the next part tomorrow (I'm saving it until then)

Viridian posted a comment on Saturday 5th August 2006 1:01pm

"I don’t know which is more disturbing; visualizing Gabrielle like that, or the fact that you suggested it," Harry said, raising his eyebrow.

That had me laughing out loud, startling the dog.

The resolution was kind of like an avalanche (as far as telegraphing is concerned), but was satisfying nonetheless.

I imagine that Wizarding France is going to become painfully law-abiding in the near future.

Oh, and "Quickdraw" says hello.

Viridian posted a comment on Saturday 5th August 2006 12:43pm

I laughed out loud when I saw the author notes. Runsamok is highly amused now. (I'm just glad you didn't say she was fast and easy...)

I liked the conversation between Harry and Neville. I could see two old friends talking like that - and their relationships with Hermione are very apparent in the way they related. Was there a hint of unspoken menace when Harry told Neville to 'take good care of her'.

The blow-up was a little quick. You'd think people dating that long might have become a bit better at reading each other and understanding what they are saying. I could see Harry being a bit thick, but I pictured Gabby being a bit more perceptive.

And what is so hard about setting up a long distance relationship between two people like Harry and Gabrielle? Both can apparate and/or use international port-keys, and Harry doesn't even have to work?

"I've signed on with the French Bureau to make a bit of pocket money. Do you have a place in Paris, or would you rather just meet on weekends?"

After all the globe-hopping they did in chapter 1, this jarred me a little as a 'serious issue they needed to discuss'.

The slower buildup of the relationship was nice though.

Viridian posted a comment on Saturday 5th August 2006 12:17pm

Nice... the dream served as a nice bit of catharsis, which makes any changes in Harry's habits much more believable.

If Harry was alone as much as it sounded like lately, I didn't expect him to be so articulate at first... or did the dream sort of "knock the rust" off those gears as well?

cmatbmed posted a comment on Saturday 5th August 2006 10:37am

Fun story thanks. Just a suggestion but why not go ahead and write the 50 - 100,000 words. Most of us wouldn't mind ;-)

MarinePotterfan posted a comment on Saturday 5th August 2006 9:21am

It was a very good story, but I would like to see more. Maybe the plot bunny will hit you and you could add to it.

Thanks For Writing

Kokopelli replied:

I actually have two story lines - one starts up right where this left off, the other is about ten years in the future at a Weasley family reunion.   The first is Harry's POV, the second is story-telling by Gabrielle in answer to the question : "If we are Weasleys, why don't we have red hair?"

I have other stories in the queue, however, and work, and my family, so don't expect to see anything soon.   Unless, of course, I start to travel again.

So, where are you stationed?

Deborahsu posted a comment on Saturday 5th August 2006 5:06am

Oh--and by the way? MANY people who are on antidepressants actually are hypothyroid. Armour thyroid is the way to go! I was on antidepressants--including Wellbutrin--for 5 years most recently, but off & on for much longer ... and have felt MUCH better without it for a year now. Check out

Kokopelli replied:

Thanks - my doc checked my thyroid levels, but thyroid problems do run in my family, so we'll look at it again.

Deborahsu posted a comment on Saturday 5th August 2006 5:04am

And they lived happily ever after, with chocolate sauce always in the nightstand ... :-)

Kokopelli replied:

Not, actually.   But it did make the trip from the fridge to the bedroom a time or two.

John Conner posted a comment on Saturday 5th August 2006 1:05am

A very nice trilogy. Short and to the point but still very engaging. I'd greatly enjoy seeing what you could do if you turned this into a full size fic as you mentioned in your A/N. I imagine it would be quite entertaining.

Please keep up the excellent work.

Chris1 posted a comment on Friday 4th August 2006 10:00pm

Great story :)


CootiePatootie posted a comment on Friday 4th August 2006 6:58pm


Wellbutrin is wonderful stuff, no? You're lucky it was only 3 years. Mine's lasted 15 so far; the buproprion keeps it at bay (much like Harry).

This exercise in consiseness (is that a word?) was excellent. I enjoy the pairing of Harry/Gaby and you've done it quite well. I must admit, that bottle of chocolate sauce has got me thinking though...

One thing that is probably off many people's radar screens, but I must tell you I feel a teensy bit sorry for the pond scum currently hiding from the two of them. Ok, I lied. I don't feel sorry for them, but I hope the street cleaning team is up to the task.

I really, really enjoyed this.

Cheers; safe travels...


Kokopelli replied:

There's a really terriffic battle scene that follows, along with weirdness when Harry and
Gabrielle end up adopting three Veela children, a teenager and a nine-year old pair of twins, which jump-start Harry and Gabrielle getting married, but thats...


Lira posted a comment on Friday 4th August 2006 6:52pm

Oh, brilliant! :D And thanks for being so quick to finish this story. Now I can start my day with a smile! :D

This story definitely is a gem! :D Will certainly rec it to friends!

94caddy posted a comment on Friday 4th August 2006 5:33pm

Great stuff hope there's more.

KateHC posted a comment on Friday 4th August 2006 5:20pm

Be safe on your journey.

Fluff is good.

DJ posted a comment on Friday 4th August 2006 4:08pm

Nice work I think you could easly do a lot with this story line down the road if you want. But I like this as a short and yod did it well there were no holes I could not fill from what you wrote. My only nit pick is there should have bin a kiss.