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Wytil posted a comment on Friday 28th October 2005 10:26pm for TLOS - Intermission #2

Webelos Den Leader? I managed about 8 years in that position. My co-leader was Troop-CC and I was a troop SA then later SM. I spent 18 years in the mix from the time my oldest "wanted to be a cub scout" until the youngest got his Eagle. Wife and I both Got woodbadge beads and went to Philmont TC twice. Had one son aon Baldy and the other son on the Tooth, same day. Lots of wild tales as we attended 5 or 6 summer camps in various councils.
St Louis, Memphis, Nashville, Roanoke Va. We all liked Philmont the best. Fun, Fun. Saw a Program session fall flat on its face.

dogbertcarroll posted a comment on Sunday 16th October 2005 7:05am for TLOS - Intermission #2

That was damn cute. I like it.