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firedawg posted a comment on Sunday 23rd February 2020 3:30pm

Thank you for a most entertaining story. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Hot48cricket posted a comment on Tuesday 23rd July 2019 11:40pm

I don't know why I read this story ( I read Harry & Ginny almost exclusively) but I was intrud by "right of conquest".

I always wondered whatever happened to Daphne.

I really enjoyed this story! I am glad I persevered and finished it!!

Tanis Werren posted a comment on Friday 26th October 2018 7:23pm

I really love this story. I love that you let them develope a real love and real relationship. It makes a nice change from the way other authors usually go about it.

Thanks for the wonderful world of RITUAL CONQUEST.

Kokopelli replied:

You're most welcome.

NarutosBrat posted a comment on Sunday 10th June 2018 7:53am

So basically if Draco wanted to make any real money in porn, he'd have to be the bottom in gay porn? Fitting.

Well, that was a ride, and I certainly enjoyed it. I'm putting this on my list of stories to come back to at some point when I need inspiration for returning to my own fanfiction.

Kokopelli replied:

No comment as to Draco's preferences.    

NarutosBrat posted a comment on Thursday 7th June 2018 6:30am

I'm enjoying how you're doing a slow burn on this relationship, even with the tight timetable Daphne is on. I could never pull that off.

RubinCompServ posted a comment on Monday 16th April 2018 11:39am

Another excellent story! I'm just sorry that I've come across this site when everyone has gone inactive :(

Kokopelli replied:

I'm afraid that the golden heyday of HP fanfic is gone, but there are still good fics being written.   I was an adult with children when I started writing fanfic, while I suspect that the majority of fanfic writers are teenagers in High School or College with lots of time on their hands.   For most, as life changes, their time for writing decreases or disappears entirely.   Thanks for reading.

Noble Korhedron posted a comment on Friday 28th July 2017 10:57am

I respectfully put forth the idea that these 'summary endings' of yours are a real pain in the bum…

Kokopelli replied:

Well, by all means ask for a refund on your way out.  I like these endings, comparing them to the cinematic endings on American Graffitti and Animal House in which years of content is conveyed in seconds.  It's not for everyone, or for every story.  I have limited time for my storytelling, and I see this as the most economical way of drawing the loose ends closed without having to write eight more chapters.

Wanderer posted a comment on Monday 24th July 2017 6:59pm

Harry's visions of first himself with his mother and then his wife with his child in the rocking chair or truly wonderful. One of my favorite scenes.(period!) Thanks once more for sharing your time and talent, I love to come back to these kinds of stories as they gently remind me of the power of intentional love without the sweaty bits so many others get sidetracked by.

Kokopelli replied:

I thought it was one of my more effective scenes, notwithstanding that there's a minor bit of groping involved.

Wanderer posted a comment on Monday 24th July 2017 5:22pm

Still one of the best characterizations of Hermione that I've ever read.

Wanderer posted a comment on Monday 24th July 2017 3:01pm

Even better the second time through :-) Very enjoyable read with a charming humor and so easy to get into the yearning sort of hope.

amulder posted a comment on Monday 24th July 2017 9:49am

Hmm, did I comment when this was posted? Just found it again on a lazy morning and am enjoying the read. Thanks, John!

Kokopelli replied:

I think you wrote a "glad to see you writing again" post for chapter 1.  All stories have flaws, but I like how this story hung together.  Have you been following my Steward of the House of Black story?

Wanderer posted a comment on Monday 24th July 2017 4:04am

Very enjoyable open, lots of background and your authors know afterwards clarifies a few points and made me laugh at the absurdity of assumptions between Cannon and Fanon :-)

Kokopelli replied:

HP Lexicon is a great resource when I try to figure out if something is canon or fanon.  So many of the tropes in fanon are just lazy.  Lusty busty Susan, the ice princess, nympho Luna, hmm, it seems that it's hitting the girls the worst - why is that?

Bob Officer posted a comment on Friday 17th February 2017 1:19am

And yet a story I missed while off pretending to write a story of my own. My story sits nearly abandoned and forgotten. I might this summer try to rewrite it once more.

Maybe I can find a ship which will work. I have a great start and the middle is good, but the end fails because the female character breaks down and isn't strong enough to fit the strength of a powerful enough Harry that defeats evil Voldemort and senile dumbles.

Kokopelli replied:

I've had any number of stories where the wheels fall off the wagon.  When writing HP Fanfic, I think the fanfic author has to say "what am I doing here that hasn't been done before, and why should I do it?"

asingh123 posted a comment on Saturday 5th November 2016 10:10am

Nice... but think about this

A famous family..... a big book of secrets which is so powerful and secretive that the man can be cut down, tortured and sell his teenage daughter but he won't let the book go.....won't fight for being so powerful...... small changes right

A family that is so powerful, but Voldemort finds out in his second run... oh and such family just happens to be trying to stay neutral ... by selling their daughter to possibly the one person who could end it all.... Britain, world the magic .... but then again logic isn't so common especially in "highly powerful people"

Then we come down back to Harry....

Not as far as "Gay Harry," but I don't know someone who just won a freakin' war, lost one girl who could have been closest to being his love interest...... and then there is this girl who just happens to be in a contract with Voldemort and is in contract with him now....... and

Harry just seem to be taking it like a champ(stone, get it) and interviewing Voldemort's supposed betrothal..... What can I get if I marry you..... the one who Voldemort chose for some reason....which bye the way Harry can't know.....

Matching an out of britain OFC with Harry would have been much better and Logical for a story like this.... at least there could have been a surprise n mystery in that.....

but I am Sorry to say, but this story feels like very much "Illogical" mixture of chiches coming together

Kokopelli replied:

Ask for a refund on your way out.

asingh123 posted a comment on Thursday 3rd November 2016 1:48pm

This story though different is too unredable....

You used Harry similarly to JKR.... as a stone in position.....

Now that Dumbles and Voldie are gone from chipping the Stone.... Here come Goblins, a supposedly "Very Powerful" yet handicapped Greengrass family, a different Hermione Granger.....

No change in Harry..... What was the point of these interesting concepts

Kokopelli replied:

Well, I'm sorry you didn't find the story to be redable.

The point of FanFic (as I've practiced it) it to change a few things and then see what happens.  Yes, we could change everything, but then Harry's a gay teenager going to High School in Texas, Hermione's a trans girl who was originally named Howard, yada, yada, yada.  I'd be interested to see if your opinion changes by chapter three.

papiliokaze posted a comment on Sunday 28th August 2016 8:16am

the blasé reactions in the face of the death of close family members, as you described it is supremely unrealistic. Ron just mentions it off-hand and immediatly moves on with Hermione going of to Australia. You don't react like that when your nearest siblings die.

Kokopelli replied:

Well, your experience may be different than mine.  The day my father died I went to work and finished writing a brief because my deadline for submitting it was that day.  People experience grief differently: some fall apart, some are angry berserkers, others are in denial, the variety of human response is great.

strandale posted a comment on Friday 19th August 2016 1:45pm

surely, we can't get you to part with your recipe for the buns?

Kokopelli replied:

If you look around, you can find it on an old posting of my LiveJournal.

Shadowdog posted a comment on Tuesday 1st March 2016 3:50pm

Interesting story overall. It "felt" different to me, but I'll definitely mark and read again later!

Kokopelli replied:

It felt different, because it is different - if I were trying to write cannonista fan fic, there wouldn't be much point - it would be comfortable, but not interesting.

Shadowdog posted a comment on Tuesday 1st March 2016 10:44am

I've never seen a story where Harry used a Pinnocchio reference to explain his life.

Kokopelli replied:

I've actually used that in two of my stories - one I wrote a few years ago.  If Harry were normal, his upbringing with the Dursleys would have made him into a monster.  He's not, but he knows that he's not like other people because he's lacking a common frame of reference.  Hence, he feels that he's not like a real boy.

MATRUCO posted a comment on Thursday 4th February 2016 1:03am

I like it, thx

Kokopelli replied:

You are quite welcome.