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hoppy159 posted a comment on Friday 7th November 2014 10:33am for Chapter the Fourth

Another excellent chapter. The story about how Grace came to meet and marry Daphne's father was very touching, and really expanded the charachters, made them very human. I did wonder how Grace got pregnant with Astoria, if she was rendered sterile from her first marriage. Maybe it was magic, I'd guess I'll have to settle for that in my own mind. I also loved Daphne's vision for the future. She's spot on. Change is needed in wizarding Britain, or it's going to die. I think Harry, with his combined resources, and Daphne, with her background, may be able to bring it about. Sometimes, when I'm feeling vindictive thinking about the rampant prejudices displayed by wizards, I wonder if it would serve them right to allow Purebloods to breed themselves out of existence, leaving the wizarding world to halfbloods and muggleborns. I've read one or two stories that have expounded on that thought.

Kokopelli replied:

The problem with including backstory is knowing when to stop.

The short answer as to how Astoria got born was that both Malcolm and Grace were surprised.  Life's like that.

The quote that Grace attributes to Malcolm is actually a paraphrase of something said by Pope John Paul II (I'm not Catholic, but I thought he was a man with deep insights.).

M.J.L. 337 posted a comment on Friday 7th November 2014 10:15am for Chapter the Fourth

Love this story!

Kokopelli replied:

Me too!

Noble Korhedron posted a comment on Friday 7th November 2014 10:14am for Chapter the Fourth

LMAO! Poor Daph! Sisters - PAH!! :-P

Kokopelli replied:

I grew up with  two sisters!

diagonalpumpkin posted a comment on Friday 7th November 2014 10:06am for Chapter the Fourth

This chapter totally made my morning! Thank you :) Though now I'm afraid of the big drop that is coming. I love the characters and the relationships you have been building. The scene between Daphne and her mother was absolutely wonderful. Keep up the excellent work. And I was wondering if Harry would be able to tell me how he feels about Hermione.

Kokopelli replied:

Thanks for your kind words.


Harry's not much for expression of emotions.

migele posted a comment on Friday 7th November 2014 9:13am for Chapter the Fourth

Sweet story. I liked that conquest part and you skipping harry inheriting a huge harem. The progression is slow and steady. Not so much steamy or overly romantic. A nice mix of waff and growing up sort of. I'm not using fluff because while sweet it does not have that overly sweet romance. So totally approved from my side and gains a place on my hard drive. Read you later Migi

Kokopelli replied:

You know, I've never understood the attraction of having a harem.

Having been married for 30+ years, the notion of having multiple women in my life, all of whom could be mad at me at the same time is not very appealing.

Kara posted a comment on Friday 7th November 2014 7:54am for Chapter the Fourth

Meh. Cleavage is nice to have (I'm an E cup) but it can also distract from getting the job done. Too many males lock their eyes on the boobies and don't seem to realize that I (or any woman) is about a foot north of them. Having a guy look you in the eyes when we're talking is unusual, so, Meh.

Kokopelli replied:

Harry _was_ looking Daphne in the eyes.

People are often unsatisfied with what they have.  As a father of daughters I've watched this endlessly. Girls with straight hair want curls, girls with curly hair want straight, tall girls want to be short, short girls want to be tall, etc.

My mother (now in her 90's) was unhappy with her ample bosom, but one of her older sisters advised her "it's the first thing men will notice when you walk in the room."  

Now, whether that's a good thing or not I suppose will depend on context.