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dg Fry posted a comment on Friday 17th October 2014 8:48pm for Chapter the First

Interesting start to this tale as well as the original view of Queenie. I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Brian64 posted a comment on Friday 17th October 2014 8:29pm for Chapter the First

Thanks for the new story, and I'll be interested to see where you take this with the main/usual 'big bad' out of the way. I completely agree with your comments about fanon. I often switch between hilarity and scorn when reading reviews left by those readers who seem to feel it a crime when a promoted sub-character doesn't act as fanon has dictated. I'm looking forward to seeing how you switch some of the fanon staples around. :)

Kokopelli replied:

Yes, I just wrote a lengthy response to a review which mainly boiled down to the reader not liking my assumptions for the story.


I told him to write his own story.

Mr.Intel posted a comment on Friday 17th October 2014 8:26pm for Chapter the First

Great to see you back in action. I'm closer to being an empty nester (oldest graduates next May), but that won't help my writing for many years. I appreciate several things about your writing -- you may be rusty, but rusty silver is still a precious metal; it just takes work to make it shine again.

One of the things I appreciate is the no nonsense way you sliced up canon. Most fanfic writers take the approach of turning Ginny into a cast-iron *&#$! that makes everything else fall flat. I'm interested in where you plan to take things. May you be inspired in your creation.

Kokopelli replied:

I agree with the critics who say that canon Ginny appears out the blue and snatches up Harry without a lot of background or character development.

While I think that Molly is a dangerous piece of work, this isn't an evil Weasley/evil Dumbledore story.  

I don't believe the canon epilogue - there's just no way that Harry would name a child Albus Severus.  I think he finally understands Snape, and to a certain degree respects him, but the loathing and the bullying was real, and my visualization of Harry would not have him being fond of manipulators or bullies.

takon65 posted a comment on Friday 17th October 2014 8:15pm for Chapter the First

Thank you Right Honorable Kokopelli for the beautiful beginning to a story. I have missed your writing. I hope to see more in the future.

Would you please pass on to Aaran St. Vines my best wishes of health, happiness and wealth, his fans here miss him too.

dennisud posted a comment on Friday 17th October 2014 8:15pm for Chapter the First

Good dtart with a better Ron at least with the death of Ginny it may have finalkly brought stark reality to him. Not thrilled with him being with hermione, but I can see where this is going. Keep Luna close to Harry as I only she her, Hermione, Andromada, and Ragknok harry trusts. nad now it seemd Daphne!

Kokopelli replied:

Luna won't nearly get as much screen time as she deserves.  It's really, really hard to write Luna.  The fanon trope is manic pixie nymphomaniac, which is easy to write, but not very satisfying.

jilumasam posted a comment on Friday 17th October 2014 7:36pm for Chapter the First

Welcome back!

Thank you for writing another story. I've enjoyed all your stories over the years and it is great to see you are back writing.

Love this chapter, very interesting idea and I'm eager to see how it all pans out!


Jason9 posted a comment on Friday 17th October 2014 7:09pm for Chapter the First

It's fantastic to be reading a new story from you! I've re-read most of your older stuff as many times as my favorite paperbacks, so I can't wait to see what you do with this setup. Your note at the end couldn't be more right, and I'm really looking forward to the original ideas and character development I'm accustomed to from your other stories. Your characters are always very real and down to earth: Harry and whatever significant other he winds up with being the richest, most powerful and best looking people in the world does get a little old after the 100th time, even if it is well done.

Can't wait for the next chapter!

stormmaster posted a comment on Friday 17th October 2014 6:43pm for Chapter the First

Glad to see a new story from you; all of your stories are certainly interesting and well written, and this one is off to an interesting start. You certainly do no much about when blazing a new path in fanfiction.

I look forward to reaing who this one goes.

insertparagraph posted a comment on Friday 17th October 2014 2:14pm for Chapter the First

Glad to see you back in action. This looks really interesting - will be fascinated to see where it goes.