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Patches posted a comment on Thursday 31st August 2006 5:01pm for Assay

Hi, I just reread this and I really like it. I would like to see more. Thank you for all the stories you have written. I appreaciate everything you write. pms

KateHC posted a comment on Thursday 24th August 2006 2:40pm for Assay

This is so good I wanted to read it again. Thank you.

Graup posted a comment on Thursday 13th April 2006 3:47pm for Assay

I enjoyed the second chapter of this story. The trevail Harry is putting Ginny through seems unfair, and Harry seems a bit blind to what really matters.

Tom is going to use his friends against him, that is a given. Does Harry really think he will be able to "hide" his best friend/girlfriend/soulmate ?

It just seems a bit silly to me. Maybe it is just all the angst involved.

I REALLY like Hassit. What a wonderful elf! After the struggle of not being able to talk, she seems to have faced life and is making the best of it. Good job there.

It sounds like this story is starting to wrap up, or at least the final showdown is not far away. Unless, of course, you have some side roads to travel for a bit (like maybe Moldieshorts taking the one who is supposed to be hidden, hmmm?).

Anyway, thanks for sharing the chapter. I look forward to a future update.

Kokopelli replied:

I do intend to return to this story, and I have a draft of chapter three sitting on my data key, but I'm going to return to Stories From Sixth Year first.   We're going to see proof that the Maskirova worked, which, of course, will give me an opportunity to get back to Gabbi.

HermioneGreen posted a comment on Saturday 18th March 2006 10:17am for Assay

Awesome!!! So when comes the defeat of Voldemort?


Patches posted a comment on Sunday 20th November 2005 9:52pm for Assay

I really like this story. It follows somewhat what I expect cannon to do. Of course that is up for grabs. Fan fiction and friends speculation just adds to my curiosity. I called my daughter at 1:30 a.m. Monday after HBP came out. I had just finished reading it and I told Laura, I want the 7th book now! I am really enjoying fan fiction. I have several stories I am following and this is one of my favorites. Thank you for writing and updating.
I really appreciate your tallent.
Thanks again!

Jamey posted a comment on Friday 18th November 2005 2:59pm for Assay

Is this story actually still "In Progress", or is it completed, as the last lines seem to indicate? And as to your reply to one of the other reviews - the Sorting Hat, I thought, was a relic of all of the founders together. Still, it's your story, so go for it!

Don posted a comment on Tuesday 15th November 2005 10:53pm for Assay

I love this story! Please tell me there will be an update soon. There are so few good post-HBP stories out there, but I still think this is the best I've read.

Crys posted a comment on Tuesday 8th November 2005 2:36pm for Assay

Very nice add-on, K. Looking forward to the next piece.

PS: The story doesn't appear to have a summary

dogbertcarroll posted a comment on Tuesday 8th November 2005 3:57am for Assay

Tossing a Horcrux through the veil is probably the easiest and safest way to destroy it.

Good chapter.

Bobmin356 posted a comment on Saturday 5th November 2005 7:22am for Assay

I think you should have stuck with your first inclination and not done a post HBP fic. This is turning out to be yet another hunt for horcruxes fic.

Christopher Estep posted a comment on Wednesday 2nd November 2005 2:14am for Assay

Five down, only the Two Biggies (Nagini and Tom himself) to go! If only Nagini weren't a Horcrux! (Skin/defang/devein, and serve to Ron and Hermione for honeymoon dinner. Use the skin to make their battle robes.)